Delivery of wash oil for auto engines from the U.S. by air


Wash_oil.jpgLast week, Delivery World has successfully delivered the commercial lot of wash oil for auto engines from Houston (the U.S.) (). The oil is used for absorbing carbon deposits in auto compressors and automatic gear-boxes to increase their endurance. Earlier, we provide the service of express-delivery of this latest wash oil’s samples for certification in . Basing on the positive experience of this shipment the customer has chosen further collaboration with our company. First and utmost, he evaluated the speed of delivery and the best prices for airfreight from the U.S. on the market.

Despite the fact, that the wash oils are not dangerous goods and can be transported as a general cargo, we organized this shipment with all due care. The cargo arrived to the point of destination after two days since the customer has approved the delivery.

Our company has been providing the service of air freight forwarding from the U.S. to the rest of world for more than 10 years. Earlier, we have informed you about delivery of telecom equipment from New York, testing equipment for telecom networks from Texas, 3D screen, industrial equipment from Missouri  for the n oil company and many other cargoes.

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