Airspace Closed For Flights Across Europe


15th April 2010 most of Northern Europe airspace was shut down due to volcano eruption in Iceland started on 14.04.2010 sending kilometers of ash into the air. London’s airports Heathrow and Stansted were closed from 15.00, Moscow time, Gatwick airport announced flights cancellation as well. In UK the airports in Scottish Aberdeen, Glasgow and Edinburgh and Northern Ireland Belfast were closed as well. Hundreds of flights were canceled in Manchester, Birmingham, Luton and other cities. Representative of the Royal Meteorological Society (UK) stated on April 15th that ash cloud might take several days to leave UK territory.
Full Closing of airspace from 21.00 (Moscow time) on 15.04.10 was stated by Denmark authorities. Charles de Gaulle Airport (Paris) cancelled flights to Copenghagen on 15.04.10. 
From early morning of the 15th of April flights were suspended on the North of Sweden, Finland and Norway. Noon of the same day the largest Norwegian Airport in Oslo was closed. 
15th of April further to closing European airspace and airports JSC Aeroflot canceled around 20 of its flights.
Cancelled Aeroflot flights from Moscow to London (SU-241, 243), Paris (SU-249, 251, 257, 259), Riga (SU-159), Oslo (SU-211), Copenhagen (SU-215), Stockholm (SU-219), Amsterdam (SU-229), Warsaw (SU-101), Berlin (SU-113), Frankfurt (SU-105), Hamburg (SU-125), Dusseldorf (SU-117, 127), Munich (SU-121) and Kaliningrad (SU-753).
The flights will be able to depart as soon as Northern European airspace and airports will be opened.
To avoid late deliveries of our Customer’s cargos caused by volcano eruption we are doing our best to arrange delivery on alternative routes.
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