Everybody Counts: Delivery World Ships Visitor Counting Systems from Zurich



Visitor counting systems are aimed to calculate the number of the persons that passed through specific entrance in an errand. The management of the trade centers and retail networks has to understand the directions and to analyze how the people move. Visitor counting systems allow receiving precise information required for successful trade business of any type. This counters provide information that allows building regressive models, performing factor analysis, and calculating such important economic criteria as conversion.

Calculating system is usually installed on the entrance to the premise, and allows calculating general number of visitors. The systems available on the market are divided by its working principle. The systems using IR rays are easy to maintain, cheaper, yet the error rate is higher as well.

The systems build using thermal sensors have higher accuracy rate. Such systems recognize a person as thermal spot. This excludes double calculation of visitors that can occur when IR rays cross. It can also send data directly to the office without computer assistance.

The highest accuracy rate is achieved utilizing the systems equipped with video sensors (2D, 3D). The data is transferred directly to the office through network, and excludes computer. 3D sensors are the best solution that is utilized in many trade networks. With account to the highly accurate calculations (95-97%) data from this sensors can be used when calculating salary bonuses of the staff.

There are many reasons that may require usage of constant visitor calculation, such as monitoring efficiency of work of the staff, building staff working schedules, event planning, safety in emergency situations, and analyzing resources distribution.

In the beginning of this month Delivery World shipped visitor counting systems from Zurich to Moscow once again proving its high level of expertise as the international air freight forwarder.

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