Fighting against Crimes. Delivering Video Surveillance Systems


Human always needs to feel himself safely, no matter whether he is at home, work, guests, or on vacation. Not by chance American psychologist Abraham Maslow in his theory of human needs hierarchy put safety on the second place, right after physiological needs such as hunger, thirst, and etc. According to him, the perfectly happy society is society of not hungry people, having no reason to worry.

Sadly in our time one cannot always feel himself safely, and regardless efforts of law enforcement bodies staff the crime level remains high.

Nowadays video surveillance systems get more and more popular among security systems. It is widely used for monitoring in offices, public and crowded places, and at home. Video cameras significantly reduce the number of thefts and spoilage, received records can be used for resolution of dispute, and can also serve material evidence. Yet, if the crime still occurred, it becomes much easier to identify, and to find the criminal.

In beginning of May we performed airfreight delivery of video surveillance systems from Dubai (UAE) to Lyon. Very soon the latest, equipped with modern technologies video surveillance systems will be available for sale, and the Lyon citizens will feel themselves little bit more safe.

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