Magic Lanterns: Hi-Tech Video Projectors from Brussels to Helsinki



Platon was the first to formulate projection principle. The first projection device appeared in the middle of the 17th century: - famous "magic lanterns" or "laterna magica" made by Christiaan Huygens, which became very famous due to charlatans. In that time many travelling illusionists used magic lanterns and set of pictures showing dancing skeletons and ghosts.

In the 19th century Edison invented kinescope, and Lumiere brothers started the cinema era, so the magic lantern remained home entertainment. It was called slide projector, and several generation of kids watched "home cartoons".

In the beginning of 1960s 3M corporation presented its first overhead projector. It is used up to date in schools and universities, and cannot be replaced by multimedia projectors.

From the end of the 1980s the film in the overhead projectors became replaced with the LCD screen connected to the computer. In 1987 such LCD panel was offered by American Proxima. Apart of computer, the panel could be connected to the video tape-recorder.

In 1995 Proxima combined the source of light and LCD panel, making the first multimedia projector. The first LCD projectors worked on halogen lamps, and weighted around 9 kg. Search for alternative resulted in developing digital technology DLP.

The first DLP projector was made by InFocus company. Texas Instruments company offered new projection system DLP (Digital Light Processing) where the light was reflected by micro mirrors, the components of DMD (Digital Mircomirror Display). DLP projectors weighted much less, and the image was more clear.

LCD projectors manufacturers kept moving ahead with their technology, and started to utilize three matrices instead of one. To increase light reflection micro lenses were installed on the matrix.

Within few years multimedia projectors gained popularity all over the world. It is used on presentations and meetings, on lectures and educational trainings, in home theaters, conference halls, discos, and night clubs.

In the middle of April international freight forwarding company Delivery World delivered expensive Hi-Tech video projectors from Brussels to Helsinki. The cargo arrived safely and in time. The customer is completing customs formalities, and soon the video projectors will be available for sale in Helsinki shops.  

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