Airfreight of UV lamps from Hong Kong to the USA and



Innovations and inventions in the field of ultraviolet light are in high demand in the medical field. Scientists have proven that the dosed use of ultraviolet light can have an extremely positive effect on the treatment of various diseases, and longer-term exposure of ultraviolet light can destroy 99.9% of pathogenic microflora. These features of ultraviolet that make it possible to widely use its ultraviolet bactericidal radiation.

In the current situation with the pandemic, ultraviolet bactericidal radiation is actively used in health care institutions, offices and educational institutions. UV lamps are also in demand in home use for disinfection and disinfection of space. For these purposes, bactericidal UV lamps are used. Ultraviolet radiation destroys microorganisms by penetrating the cell walls and absorbing the DNA of microorganisms, causing a violation of its structure.

Delivery World last week organized airfreight of several batches of bactericidal UV lamps from Hong Kong to the United States and . This is not the only order for airfreight of such cargo that requires special conditions of transportation, which our company received in the previous few weeks.

Transportation of such cargo as UV lamps is a very responsible process, which belongs to dangerous cargo transportation performed according to certain rules. Any UV lamp is a low-pressure mercury gas-discharge lamp with a flask made of a certain material that provides a given spectrum of passing ultraviolet radiation. Delivery World has many years of experience working with dangerous goods and can guarantee safe and prompt delivery of dangerous goods to its customers.

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