Delivering Memories: USB Flash Memories from Taiwan


Flash Memory was designed by Fujio Masouka who was working for Toshiba at the time. He created the original EEPROM (Electronically erasable programmable read-only memory). The name “flash” was suggested by Shoji Ariizumi, Masouka’s colleague because the erasure process of the contents reminded him of the flash of a camera. Masouka introduced Flash memory in 1984 to the industry at the International Electronics Developers meeting, where Intel took a lot of interest.

USB’s really came of age when USB 2.0 was created, not at 480 Megabytes per second. With increasing popularity, companies began placing USB ports at the front of their devices. Eventually, USB drives started to replace optical media such as CD’s, DD’s and Floppy Disk’s

Sony released Play Station 2 with USB ports in 2002. These were used for controllers, Motion Camera (Eye Toy), Trackball and other accessories.

In the middle of June Delivery World shipped lot of the most popular digital storage from Taiwan. Sophisticated devices are fragile are require extremely careful handling. Therefore, such cargo can only be handled by the partner with unlimited trust. Years of experience in shipping all types of cargos from anywhere to everywhere in the world serve the guarantee that any cargo will always be delivered safely and right in time. 

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