Perfect Memory: USB Flash Drives from Taiwan


First computers were not equipped with memory, and mainly served as big calculators for complex calculations. Till mid of the 20th centuries instructions for computers were encoded on punch cards. Re-recording was available on magnetic tapes that appeared later.

Those were antecessors of modern hard discs, that are magnetic carriers with moving parts as well. New age seemed to start with creation of optic discs that were based on brand new way of record.

In 1984 prototype of flash drive was presented on the International Digital Devices Exhibition in San Francisco. Expensive and not convenient in use drives first were mainly installed on military airplanes.

If temperature range of -30 to +80C is observed modern flash drives can serve for over 10 years, and variety of sizes and shapes forms wide price range from the most affordable to really expensive; thus, the most expensive flash drive made of precious metal and gems costs almost 40 thousand US Dollars.

In the mid of July Delivery World shipped lot of USB flash drives from Taiwan. As always Delivery World arranged timely delivery of urgent cargo. Years long experience of our company in organizing any type of shipment by any routes serves one of the main components of success of our customers’ business

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