Laptops from USA: Airfreight of Large Shipments


Cargo delivery from the USA is one of the key business lines of Delivery World. This region is the second after South-East Asia in our freight traffic flow. Mostly, the company arranges airfreight of electronic items: delivery of laptops, communicators, tablet PC and desktops.


There is one peculiarity in cargo delivery from the USA in addition to complying terms of airfreight of electronic items: you need to secure high value cargo from the manufacturer warehouse to airport of delivery. Especially, if the manufacture is situated in the suburbs of such metropolitan cities as Los-Angeles and San-Francisco, notorious for the criminal situation. Delivery World provides armed security recruitment services for transportation of high value cargos for the consignors in the USA and South America. We also strongly recommend to our customers to insure their cargo.


Delivery of large shipments of laptops and communicators from the USA takes place several times a week, and there were no accidents of high value cargo stealing thanks to well-coordinated actions of consignor, security firm and logistic provider (i.e. Delivery World).

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