Delivering unmanned aerial vehicle by International Airfreight


Usually engineering and surveyor works are performed by geodesists working directly on land plots (“afield”). They make surface and geometric measurements, which are irreplaceable in construction, geologic exploration, mapping, and other works related to measuring operations and calculations on site. Unfortunately the surveyors often face various formidable obstacles physically preventing performance of works such as topographical features, for example, vertical mountain sites, rivers and swamps, extreme weather conditions, or strictly limited deadlines of works. Those are the cases requiring assistance of the unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) allowing to perform bird’s eye air photography afield.

In the beginning of June Delivery World performed airfreight delivery of the UAV from Zurich (Switzerland) . The cargo consisted of UAV and radio communication equipment for data transmission and remote control of the UAV. The urgent cargo arrived by international airfreight safely and just in time.

The customer told us that the delivered UAV will be used for topographical photography of land plot designated for construction of the large residential complex in the West Siberia. The UAV will allow to perform the exact works within the shortest time, and this was the key matter for our customer.

For more than 10 years Delivery World performs international airfreight of the cargos and CIS. We deliver all types of cargos, and offer our customers the best routes and prices.

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