On COVID Frontier: UF Disinfecting Lamps by Airfreight from Hong Kong to USA and


Scientists all over the world say that specific degree of ultraviolet is able to fully inactivate viruses in few seconds. It gives them hope that devices able to prevent spread of COVID-19 will appear shortly.

Pandemic of COVID-19 that covered the whole world has made us face new realty, where disinfection and virus protection issues get the utmost importance. Thus, re-opening trade centers, gyms, state institutions are not allowed to work without these lamps.

Globally eased anti-virus measures caused necessity to supply all public places with such lamps. In the very end of June on request of our regular customer Delivery World has arranged airfreight of UF-lamps from Hong Kong to US and . The customer is completing customs formalities, and we wish health to you and your close ones! 

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