Ultrathin and fragile: delivery of 3D TV-screen from the USA


In the middle of January, 2013, our company has forwarded from the USA  3D TV-screen, manufactured with Magic Mirror technology: when it is switched off it is a homogeneous mirror, and it is TV when switched on. These high-tech TV-screens unite functions of the simple mirror and waterproof TV, so they are used for installation in bathrooms, SPA salons, kitchens, like extravagant and useful decoration.  
The width of  the screen is 5 mm in total, and its diagonal size is 60 inches so there were made special shockproof package for stable and safe transportation of ultrathin and large-dimensioned device. The screen was delivered by direct flight from Miami in order to avoid transshipping it in transit points. After twenty-four hours the 3D TV-screen arrived to the point of destination fully safe.
Delivery World provides services of air freight forwarding of High-Tech and Consumer Electronics from abroad on a regular basis. We perform both large shipments and unique large-dimensional devices. Air freight forwarding is strictly recommended for such goods due to safety and speed of delivery. The most popular directions of Consumer Electronics delivery are China, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and the USA
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