Striving to Cooperation Enhancement. The Visit to the "Trading with Dubai" Conference


September 15 the Chamber of Commerce of held Trading with Dubai Conference; 18 Dubai companies seeking establishing partnership relations with (mostly involved in exporting the goods from Dubai) took part in the conference.

The Vice President of the n Chamber of Commerce, the Deputy Director General of Department of Economic Development of Dubai, the Manager of Export Deportment of Dubai Exports, Deputy Head of Department of Middle East and Africa of Directorate of International Economic Relations of the Industrial Trade Ministry of , and the representatives of the management of several Dubai companies, including the director of the head office of Delivery World in Dubai took part in the event.

Representative office of Dubai Exports is functioning in from the beginning of this year. It facilitates strengthening and establishing contacts between n and Dubai entrepreneurs, as well as assists in increasing turnover of goods between the countries.

The participants of the event told about close cooperation of the countries including cooperation on state level. There are close contacts between the countries on the ministries level, that assist development of bi-lateral trade and economic relations. Over 400 companies with n participation are registered in the UAE today, 50 of them work in the free trade zones of the country. Every year 700,000 n tourists visit United Emirates. It was stated, that the turnover of goods kept growing till 2014, yet it fall down by 20 per cent now due to economic environment in the world and is obviously temporal decrease.

According to the n Chamber of Commerce Vice President, the past event shall assist growth of turnover between and Dubai, and establishment of new mutually beneficial contacts. Aircraft and machine production, as well as hi-tech are priority directions for both countries.

Within the framework of this conference Delivery World as reliable and experienced international freight forwarder held business talks with entrepreneurs from Dubai for airfreight delivery of cargo . We entered into several long-term contracts for airfreight of finishing materials, interior items, and cosmetics . The cooperation and efforts applied by both of the countries may lead to increasing the turnover again, and Delivery World is ready to contribute every effort to this mutually beneficial process.

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