Digital photo cameras and lenses, memory cards and mobile phones are leading in deliveries in 2010


Delivery World, one of the leading worldwide airfreight forwarders, represented on n market, stroke the balance of 2010 year and specified product categories of TOP-10 by quantity and volume of deliveries. TOP-3 of product categories, which were forwarded by aircrafts, includes digital photo items, memory modules, and mobile phones. The next four lines are occupied by laptops and e-readers, computer hardware, satellite navigation systems and other electronic equipment. And the last product categories, entered the TOP-10, are cloths and footwear of premium brands, auto spare parts, bijouterie, watches, souvenirs and cosmetics.


TOP10 product categories delivered by airfreight (Delivery World, 2010)


1. Digital photo items.

2. Memory modules (flash-cards, external HDD etc.). 

3. Mobile phones.

4. Laptops.

5. E-readers.

6. Computer hardware.

7. Satellite navigation systems.

8. Cloths and footwear of premium brands.

9. Auto spare parts.

10. Bijouterie, watches, souvenirs and cosmetics.


All of these items have one common feature – they are all of time-critical freight product category. Valuable cargos must be delivered to the consumers before they become technically and fashionably obsolete, because they lose in value rapidly. Each day of idle period reduces the cost of goods and causes the anticipated profit, that is why road, sea and railway freights are not suitable for these products. Besides, the largest distributors and resellers of High-Tech & Electronics choose airfreight forwarding not only for the speed, but also due to the safety. It is the safest way to deliver cargo in its entirety ensuring almost 100% preservation against all possible damage, destruction or loss on the way to the port of destination.

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