Check Everything: Equipment for CT from Germany


Device used for computer tomography is called tomograph. It is equipped with source of radiation – x-ray pipe and several sensors receiving radiation passing through the examined object. Visualization represents the image of the object received by layers after scanning with directed x-ray bunch.

Received data is processed with computer, and is finally arranged as images (tomograms) where examined objects can be seen as horizontally split. Thickness of split is from 0.5 to 10 mm. Received tomograms clearly show structure of examined organ or body part. In case of detected abnormalities, the doctor may establish their dimensions, shape, inner structure, location and number. This is standard and accurate disease diagnostics method. Accuracy of measurements in this research allows to differ tissues that are different from each other with density of less than 0.5%, thus scope of information in computer tomogram may exceed the one obtained from x-ray examination in 1,000 times.

In the middle of November Delivery World shipped lot of equipment for computer tomographs from Germany to Moscow. Fragile parts requiring more than careful handling were reached destination safely and in time. 

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