Tokyo cargo has been delivered and passed through radiation tests successfully


Awesome natural disaster and breakdown at nuclear power plant «Fukushima-1» delayed cargo transportation from Tokyo, but did not cease. Thus, for instance, our company has delivered at the beginning of the week digital photo equipment delayed for 5 days. After arrival to Sheremetyevo Airport the cargo passed through radiation tests successfully.


It’s remarkable that in a situation of a national catastrophe impacting the Land of Rising Sun our Japanese colleagues do not stop working and do it as well as they can. In spite of connection troubles which took place within first two days after earthquake and tsunami we were fully informed about status and location of our cargos. We highly appreciate and adore courage, stoicism and sense of responsibility of the people. Our company and I wish to all Japanese people to overcome the aftermath of disaster successfully and we are ready to do our best to help them in this mission. We should also thank n airline company «Aeroflot» which didn’t stop regular flights Moscow-Tokyo-Moscow: our cargo was delivered on a board of this company aircraft.


Now, all cargos arriving from Japan to RF pass through enhanced radiation tests. As n Sanitary service reported, there is no nuclear contamination.


According to IATA information regarding air traffic to and from Japan: there is no restriction on air travel to Japan

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