The Best Grade: Tobacco by Airfreight from India


The first images of a smoker were found in the Ancient temples in Central America are over 3,000 years old. Local healers believed in its curing properties, tobacco leaves were used as painkillers. It was also used in religious rituals of ancient American cultures: the participants believed that smelling tobacco smoke helped them to communicate with gods.

Tobacco appeared in in the middle of the 17th century, and just like hundred-fifty years back in Europe was believed to be devil’s poison.

In 1698 Peter the I in pursuit of his dream of to become a European state, has brought the first large lot of tobacco to the country. Decree on state trade of tobacco was proclaimed in 1705. In the same time two tobacco factories were established in Petersburg and Akhtyrka (Ukraine). Sixty-five years later, in 1762, Katherine the Great introduced free trade of tobacco.

Scientific research of tobacco harm published in 1950 furthered production of the first cigarettes with filter by Kent. In the beginning of 1960s first warning signs were published on cigarette boxes.

In the 1980s Western Europe and USA nearly doubled tax duties. Following advice of the World Health Organization from 2005 many world states banned smoking in public places.

In the end of February Delivery World delivered lot of quality tobacco from India . The goods, where delivery arrangement requires exceptional compliance with temperature mode and moist level can be entrusted only to proved partner. That is why it is not for the first time for Delivery World to become the only choice of our regular customer, as its years long experience, established processes, and exceptional attention to details serve guarantee that any cargo will be delivered safely and always in time.

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