Wearable Sculptures: Titanium Jewellery from Bangkok


Heavy titanium jewellery is sometimes called “wearable sculptures”. The metal is so strong that it can be processed only using sophisticated machines, and even the choice of stones it can hold is rather limited by its firmness.

Titanium discovered in the end of the 18th century was called after mythological titans, to show the firmness and strength of the metal. Nevertheless the jewellers were unable to process this strong metal until late 1990s. Rings were the first pieces of jewellery made of titanium, and its growing popularity pushed designers to try creating necklaces, bracelets, and other jewellery pieces.

Titanium is valued for its strength, long life, wide colour range (heat or electric power makes the metal release oxides, and change its colour based on the temperature and heating time from yellow and pink to purple and even black), popularity among men, suitability for nearly all skin types, and affordable price.

In the beginning of March Delivery World shipped lot of titanium jewellery from Bangkok . The customer completed all customs formalities, and the delivered jewellery will be available for sale in n shops right before International Women’s Day.

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