Uniting Continents: Delivery World Attended TIACA Executive Summit & AGS in Istanbul


24-25 April Delivery World’s representatives attended The International Air Cargo Association Executive Summit & Annual General Meeting held in Istanbul, Turkey.

TIACA is the international association consisting of the members from key players of air logistics and airfreight industries, representing airlines, airports, aviation freight forwarders, road transporters, customs brokers, cargo airplanes manufacturers, and many others. This year the Summit gathered over 200 participants from 25 states including official representatives of the European Union, the USA and the World Customs Organization.

Changes in international trade streams and implementation of the new technologies urge the airfreight industry to dramatic modifications in order to keep in line with the current trends. TIACA provides its participants with the opportunity to cooperate on the same ground to exchange the latest events in the industry, to discuss existing defects and the steps to be taken to further improvement of own work.

The program of the Summit in Istanbul consisted of two plenaries and of eight workshops with large discussions and presentations made by key representatives of the industry. Representatives of Delivery World took active part in all of events. The topic discussed on one of the plenaries became the discussion of Turkey hosting the Summit, as the country which occupies more and more stable position in international airfreight network. Rapidly growing aviation sector, perfect airports, and, without a doubt favorable from logistics point of view location, between the East and the West, on the border of two continents, all this talks of large opportunities and potential available with Turkey, and all what’s required is the proper utilization.

The International airfreight is one of the key specialities of Delivery World. The visit and active participation in TIACA allows us to correspond to the latest trends in the industry and to keep improving the quality of the services we provide – Delivery World performs airfreight all over the world. On the Istanbul Summit our representatives held several successful business meetings with the top officers of the largest international airlines, which resulted in establishing partnership relations.

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