Air Cargo Forum & Exhibition 2016: Meeting Point in Paris



October 26-28, 2016 Paris hosted one of the most important events in cargo transportation industry. The International Exhibition ACF 2016. Over 200 exhibitors and 3,000 persons took part in the series of interactive discussions and seminars aimed to solving issues related to the industry in whole. Three days event program consisted of board discussions, seminars, master classes focused on the trends and problems that are important for each part of the airfreight chain. The discussion also considered the latest novelties of law regulating the work of the industry. Industry experts and leading companies' representatives took part in each of the sessions held under the chairmanship of the members of TIACA Board.

The exhibition program also included multiple master classes held by the industry experts, and designated to the specific issues, boards of interactive discussions, and high level presentations arranged by the industry leaders. Presentations and debates held by the front line business and politics speakers and stands displayed novelties of the airfreight services and products industry.

The International Air Cargo Association (TIACA) is one of the main international associations for air cargo professionals. It represents the interests of all cargo chain players, ensures and protect interests of the industry in whole, including those of airlines, airports, forwarders, trade agents, and loaders, express carriers, and consignors. Its activity facilitates cooperation between manufacturers and consumers.

For Delivery World as for the leading n airfreight forwarder the shows like ACF provide unique opportunity to establish new connections with partners, and to share experience with the experts from abroad. The comfort environment established on ACF 2016 perfectly servedestablishing business liaisons, provided perfect conditions for creating partnership relations, networking, and contract signing. The fruitful results of the ACF 2016 left no doubt that Delivery World will take part in this event in future.

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