Delivery World on the International Air Cargo Association Executive Summit "TIACA 2015"


The International Air Cargo Association Executive Summit TIACA 2015 was held from 19 to 21 May 2015 in Miami, USA. The association is the utmost industry leader that provides actual information, full support, and unites all participants of the global transportation network. Delivery World's representatives take part in the Summit every year, and 2015 was not an exception.
Experts and professionals of the airfreight industry from all over the world took part in the summit. Within business program of event various seminars and discussions discussed actual issues, norms, and industry innovations. Involving Latin American and Caribbean states in implementation global supply network strategies became one of the key topics discussed on the summit.
The participants of the Summit paid special attention to security and efficiency issues when trading across Latin American border. Overloaded flights, delays on the customs, corruption, and even terrorist attacks create obvious obstacles for trade.
Problems existing in Brazil in particular were discussed on the separate seminar. Today this country occupies up to 50% on the Latin Americas market in goods turnover, yet the airfreight timelines there are considered to be among the longest in the world. Delivery World's representatives together with the other seminar's participants discussed the ways for solving existing problems in Latin America, shared opinions, ideas, and gained experience.
US, Canadian, and EU specialists jointly with representatives of the International Civil Aviation Organization, and World Customs Organization discussed with the Summit's participants the ways for complying with time frames for cargo transportation, presented new program to improve airfreight process, and demonstrated the system of possible risks for the cargo carried on passenger and cargo vessels. The participants of the discussion analyzed information provided, and jointly valued possible difficulties that may arise in implementation of new programs.
TIACA is the only association representing every segment of the global transportation network. This year's Summit presented the participants actual problems of cargo airfreight, ways for its solution, and innovations. Separate event of the Summit was dedicated to the young specialists just starting their careers, who shared their fresh ideas and views. TIACA Summit 2015 called the participants for international cooperation to jointly face the problems stated as actual during three days event program.


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