Protective Atmosphere: Delivering Materials for Work Cloths from Korea


The work process taking place beyond office premises usually requires employee to wear special work clothes. Work clothes are specifically designed clothes aimed to protect the worker at his work place from various factors that are harmful or dangerous for health. In some cases work clothes can also serve as distinguishing symbol, serving as work uniform as well. Thus, main requirements to work clothes are protection, comfort, and recognition.

For example work clothes of the doctors should meet hygienic and comfort requirements. Apart of this it should have antistatic and blood resistant properties, and be easy disinfecting. From here the necessity to utilize special textiles, that meet all of the multiple parameters, becomes clear.

Textiles used for special clothes can be as different as protective functions it performs as specifics vary greatly from occupation to occupation. Yet, all the textiles can be divided on three types: natural, mixed, and synthetic. Several professions use only specific type of materials. For example, natural materials containing cotton and linen are recommended for work with hot surfaces involving high temperatures.

This month Delivery World – the leader on cargo airfreight forwarding market – shipped textiles for work clothes from Seoul (Korea) . We performed airfreight of quality textiles that will be used for suing clothes protecting from fire and chemicals, and for medical and service clothes.

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