Heavy Wear: 73 Tones of Garments from Dhaka


Over the last decade Bangladesh’s garment industry has increased its annual revenue from $19 billion to $34 billion—a 79 percent rise. This makes the country the second largest exporter of garments in the world, with the sector accounting for 80 percent of Bangladesh’s total export earnings.

The impressive jump in revenues occurred in the devastating aftermath of two garment factory disasters, in 2012 and 2013, that left more than 1,200 workers dead. Following this horrible accident and 2020 pandemic the industry kept growing and Bangladesh textiles preserve its leading positions in the global market. Many world known ready-made garment brands produce their goods in Bangladesh.

In the end of January Delivery World shipped large lot of fashion textiles from Dhaka. The customer is completing customs formalities, and soon the last fashion quality wear shipped by Delivery World from Bangladesh will be available for sale in the dedicated outlets at destination.

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