Heavy Pack: Delivering 73 Tonnes of Clothes from Dhaka


Unfortunately Bangladesh failed to move far ahead in export oriented industrialization process that started in the country in 1991. Together with the neighbouring Pakistan both countries remain in the beginning of this process, and serve enormous textile factories for the world, with population living in poverty.

Cheap labour costs lets Bangladesh to take work from other new industrial states, with growing salaries, and become the leader in textile, ready garments, footwear, producer and supplier to the developed countries.

Leaving agriculture behind, modern Bangladesh becomes second world exporter of the readymade garments (following China). Its products are exported to the EU and the USA. Textile industry of the country employs up to 20 million people from ordinary labour to highly-qualified management and engineers. The country’s government believes this people can form the base for further industrialization and development of the country.

In the middle of May Delivery World shipped 73 tonnes of readymade garments from Bangladesh . The customer is finalizing customs formalities, and soon the delivered goods will be available for sale in the fashion outlets of the n capital. 

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