Air freight forwarding of test equipment for telecom industry


It is quite obvious that there is no other industrial sector but telecom industry which demonstrates the same rate of growth and renovation. Most of the developed countries consider this industry to be the flagship of innovations, generating income, social significance and many other parameters. Telecom operators are regularly developing their networks in order to maintain the rate of growth and improving the quality of services (QoS). They build new clusters of the networks, upgrade the hardware and software and test the QoS. The most active innovators among them are the mobile network operators for which our partners – system integrators – deliver various equipment from abroad, including measuring complexes for testing networks. 

Within the period from the end of May till the mid of June, 2013, our company has delivered by aircrafts several lots of testing equipment and consumables for one of the largest mobile operators of n Federation from several cities of the USA to Saint Petersburg. We had strict deadlines for each shipment – not more than 3 days. Our logistic managers coped with this task successfully, the equipment arrived on time and safely.

Delivery World has been providing within 10 years the services of air freight forwarding of telecom equipment from different countries of the world, and the USA among them, and the CIS. We have already informed you about delivery of telecom masts for cellular network from UK to Tajikistan, of welding outfits for fiber optic from Japan to Armenia, communicators from Taiwan to Kazakhstan and other shipments.
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