All Cured: Surgical Instruments from India by Airfreight


The first surgical instruments appeared about four thousand years ago when the prominent Maiya civilization just came into existence. Soft metals and their alloys were used to produce these instruments. All found lancets were made of copper or bronze; gold was rarely used for this purpose. Usually knives were used to cure wounds: first wound was opened, and these ancient lancets were heated and seared wound. Of course, such treatment caused severe pain to patient, nevertheless it could help in curing.

In the 15th century B.C. Egyptian doctors knew location of main human organs, and it allowed them to treat some diseases efficiently. Ancient Egyptians had their own lancet made of annealed silica sand and represents sharp finished glass. Yet, Egyptians made major breakthrough in dentistry. They successfully removed damaged teeth, using the same glass lancet to cut gum, and removed tooth with large graspers.

Ancient Greeks achieved considerable advancement in modern medicine, they successfully made surgeries, stitch torn wounds, amputate limbs, set bones using variety instruments including sharp lancets (already made from iron and sharp finished), graspers, clamps and large medical saws that could help to save patient’s life.

In the middle of March Delivery World shipped lot of surgical instruments from India. The customer is completing customs processing of the delivered goods and soon it will be supplied to leading hospitals and medical supply retailers.

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