All Set


Everyone knows what happens when the summer is over…. High season with multiple requests for transportation starts. In comparesome with July 2009 in 2010 the number of consignments shipped by Delivery World increased in times and reached the record number.
Definitely we won’t be able to reach such outstanding results without fruitful cooperation with our Customers. The team of Delivery World highly appreciates and is very thankful for choosing the services of our Company. We are proud of your confidence and will apply all our efforts to remain your reliable partner.
That is why we did not wait hectic time to start and made necessary provisions to save the moneys and nerve cells of our Customers well in advance.
Having analyzed the volume of shipments of our regular Customers and schedule of shipments for the nearest times, we held several negotiations with airlines of the basic airports in the most loaded destinations. Negotiations resulted in agreements ensuring allocation of places in September – the most hectic period in cargo carriage.
In addition, considering assumed loading range we generated several time schedules for logisticians. We tried to take into account all possible blunders that may occur during loading, carriage and processing the cargo and to work out solutions for logistics emergency cases.

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