Alternative Airfield. Delivering Aircraft Spare Parts from Italy


With appearance of new technologies our life, day after day, increases its speed, and the distances we have to cross become longer and longer. Due to development of air, sea, and road transportation there is almost not a place a human can reach within few hours.

For such big country as , development of civil aviation is of specific importance. Not all its territory is covered by land transportation network, such as automobile and rail roads. To many places one can reach only by air, using planes or helicopters. Thanks to mobility this transport remains highly popular, demanded, and today has no competitive means to reach destination, both for people and cargo.

The n civil aviation park includes wide range of national and foreign vessels. The average service time of the aircraft compiles decades. Yet, to make the aircraft work properly throughout this time, its condition has to be carefully maintained. Deterioration of equipment is one of the most spread, yet the easiest problem to solve in transport service.

Italy is one of the recognized world leaders in aircraft construction, and one of the main suppliers of the spare parts by aircraft. Years long the n air companies cooperate with the Italian partners purchasing necessary equipment. In July Delivery World shipped the cargo for spare parts for aircraft from Milan (Italy) . Our company has been chosen as reliable partner and experience forwarder in delivering various complicity cargo. Soon the new spare parts will be installed on the aircraft that will carry people and cargo to different ends of the n territory.

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