Solar Beauty: Cosmetics by Airfreight from Spain


Spanish beauty products are very popular in Europe. Though its manufacturers do not try to make it popular outside their country, natural Spanish cosmetics gained popularity even across professional beauty experts. Beauty salons using Spanish cosmetics as their main beauty products, by right call themselves as top class luxury salons.

Spanish cosmetic products became choice of top stars, fashion models, and cinema celebrities. Products for men are top rated. Even Bred Pitt every year attends one of the most international cosmetic expo CosmoBeauty Barcelona as honored member of ECOSERT association, and actively invests to Spanish beauty laboratories.

Despite of EU sanctions, Spanish cosmetics started to gain popularity in . Of course, global fame is largely based on the product quality. Strict control is established across all stages starting from unique formula creation, its testing, verification and inspection to production and delivery for distribution. Production of Spanish cosmetics is based on ecologically safe materials, ecologically clean production that does not harm environment, and composition excludes GMO and chemically generated components.

Control is established all over life cycle of products; from ground where plants used in production grow and applied fertilizers, to places of processing, till materials used for cleaning and preparation of means of transportation engaged for carriage of raw materials and finished products.

In the middle of March Delivery World shipped lot of Spanish cosmetics from Barcelona . Of course, as any cosmetic product, Spanish cosmetics requires strict compliance with weather conditions, maintenance of required humidity with, and careful handling of rather fragile cargo. Such consignment can only be handled to trusted partner, and it is not the first time for our regular partner to chose Delivery World. Attention to smallest details, years-long experience, and established processes for grounds for utmost service of Delivery World.

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