Spices in the Air: Crushed Red Pepper from Spain by Airfreight


Italians relied on red pepper to enliven pasta and pizza since the late 1800s, and, like many great culinary influences, it eventually found its way to America. While southern Italians savored red pepper's sharp flavor, they may not have realized the health benefits it bestows, largely because the capsicum annuum plant contains a chemical called capsaicin.

Red pepper has plenty of health benefits. It helps to sooth upset stomach and ulcers, bolster heart health, regulate diabetes, and fortify immune system.

Almost 1.5 tone of this hot health treasure Delivery World shipped from Spain in the end of August. Years of experience, automized and established procedures allow Delivery World to arrange smooth and timely delivery even of perishable cargos and remain only choice for its customers for years.

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