To Overrun Collapse: Sneakers by Airfreight from Vietnam


In the end of the 19th century American company invented new type of shoes on rubber soil, and received patent for the name “keds”. Later in the beginning of the 20th century, in 1917, improved model of these shoes due to its specifics was called sneakers; soil of the shoes was so soft, that one could sneak in someone without being noticed.

Production of specialized sports footwear for runners was launched in Germany, and in 1930s-1940s all footwear companies started production of sneakers for all types of existing sports. Specialized tennis sneakers were the first.

Low cost comparing to classic leather shoes, spreading of healthy life style, and exceptional comfort caused rapid popularization of sports wear, and already in the second half of the 20th century, sneakers became fashion trend, thanks to Hollywood films. For a while and without any success classic footwear traders tried to spread roomers that sneakers can cause damage.

The first sneakers made specially for everyday usage appeared in USA in 1970s. American stars, including Woody Allen, Dustin Hoffman, and Led Zeppelin members greatly contributed to popularity of sport footwear.

“Sneakers boom” kept developing. 1990s gave boost to the most popular sport brands, that are loved today.

In the end of December Delivery World shipped large lot of sneakers from Vietnam. Global transportation collapse related to container shipments, and leading to total suspension of sea ports, lasting delays in deliveries of the shipments usually carried by sea or rail, made airfreight only way to deliver cargos in time. Years-long experience of Delivery World in airfreight organization serves guarantee of safe and timely delivery of our customer’s cargos even during Holiday Season.

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