The Silk Road: Air freight forwarding from India to Valencia


In the beginning of April, 2013, Delivery World has organized delivery of raw materials for textile industry from Bangalore (India) to Valencia. The shipment has consisted of silk yarn and silk fiber and has been consigned to textile manufactures of Valencia. 
This type of cargo refers to General that means it doesn’t required special terms of delivery, but it has some specific characteristics: having not very big gross weight it nevertheless has a significant volume, so the freight quotes is calculated according to the so-called volume weight.  It can multiply the total cost of delivery, but the speed of air freight pays all the costs. Due to this reason our regular customer, which supplies textile and garments to the Spain market, uses our service of air freight forwarding. The choice of the fastest way of delivery proved its value this time again: all the process of preparing cargo and delivery from Bangalore to Valencia took 3 days. The cargo arrived to point of destination on time and safely.
Our company has been providing the service of air freight forwarding of industrial cargoes and textile production within 10 years: from the delivery of production samples to the commercial shipments. You can learn more about it here.
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