Mixing Business with Pleasure. Attending ACW Cargo Awards and Turkish Airlines Gala Dinner


ACW Cargo Awards gala dinner was held in the shining hall of the Kerry Hotel (Shanghai, China) on 18th of June. Over 300 airfreight industry professionals became the honorable guests of the event. Representatives of Delivery World were invited to the event as well, as it is one of the leading companies on international airfreight market.

Varied program of ACW Cargo Awards started with breath catching performance of dancers with swords and graceful ladies dancing group, followed by award ceremony in for the Airport of the Year, Carrier of the Year, the Best Achievement in Airfreight, and others. The award winners in various categories were selected by open voting, which was held from January of this year.

Turkish Airlines held its gala dinner together with ACW Cargo Awards. Delivery World's representatives were invited to the event as well. Delivery World was among special guests of the Turkish Airlines. Delivery World has years-long partnership relations with Turkish Airlines and provides it with considerable volume of orders. According 2013 results, Turkish Airlines are our main carrier.

The guests of event enjoyed its interesting and bright program and splendid dinner as well. Delivery World's professionals had an outstanding opportunity to meet their foreign partners and colleagues in festive, yet unofficial environment. Such atmosphere of the evening was perfect for friendly exchange of experience and ideas with key industry players present on event, as well as for establishing new business contacts, and enhancing international business connections.

Delivery World's representatives were happy to attend both of events. Comfortable and friendly environment of ACW Cargo Awards and of the Turkish Airlines gala dinner gave our experts a chance to relax, and to hold several fruitful business talks with our existing and potential partners. 


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