At Arm's End. Delivering Selfie Monopods from China


The Earth got covered by selfie madness. Self-photos made within the reach of the hand are loved by ones, and hated by the others, yet are made by everyone. There is no more point of asking strangers to make photo of you, when you can do it yourself. Once monopods (type of holders for smartphones) have appeared the self-portrait photos started to include not only the head of photographer, but his surroundings too. Such monopod is a stick, with the holder and button on one end that is held by the photographer, and the nest to place smartphone on the other end.

The instrument commonly known as selfie stick is perfect for traveling, and those who love to make pictures of themselves can easily make photo without referring to strangers. Today selfie stick became a must-have for smartphone owner.

There are many types of selfie sticks; it can be made of metal or plastic, with support of Bluetooth to enable the photographer to manage his smartphone, and there are the models equipped with mirrors, so person sees the photo he takes. Based on complicity of the models, prices for the monopods greatly vary.

Most of the selfie sticks are made in China, where everyone has not just one monopod, but several types of different assembly and colors. In July Delivery World shipped a lot of selfie monopods from Xiamen (China) by airfreight. Soon it will be available for sale on the n market, to bring happiness to the fashion-addicts, still suffering trying to make a photo with friends.

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