Under the Sea: Scuba Equipment from Seatle by Airfreight


The history of scuba diving equipment used today started its record many thousand years ago. People were fascinated with ocean and seas, and searched for a way to survive beneath the waves.

The history of scuba diving begins in the ancient world. Records dated 500 BC evidence one of the first underwater breathing devices. Legend tells about a Greek soldier held captive on board an enemy ship during Greece’s war with Persia escaped into the water and then launched a stealth attack on his captors’ fleet, using a hollow reed to breathe as he dived to cut the ships loose. A few centuries later, Aristotle chronicled an event in the life of Alexander the Great, whereby the famous king used an upside-down barrel as a kind of diving bell in order to remain undetected beneath the water during the Siege of Tyre. Early diving records by no means belonged solely to the Greeks and the Macedonians, however. In Persia, ancient skin-divers developed goggles using thin slivers of polished tortoiseshell, while in China, divers used a curved pipe to funnel air from the surface in the style of a modern-day snorkel.

Centuries passed by, bringing new developments and explorations. In the second half of the 20th century popular culture got obsessed with the idea of underwater exploration and the world was mesmerized by the documentaries of adventurers like Cousteau, more and more people began diving as a form of recreation. Today scuba diving is one of the most popular sports and types of recreation all over the world.

In the beginning of September Delivery World shipped lot of scuba equipment from Seatle (USA) by airfreight. The customer is completing customs formalities, and soon the delivered equipment will be available for sale in the sports and designated diving outlets at destination

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