Oriental Tune: Saxophones from Japan


The history of the saxophone and its development as a performance medium in Japan is short when compared with other European countries and the United States. In this short history, the saxophone performance level in Japan has increased dramatically.

At the same time, compositions for the saxophone by Japanese composers have gained more popularity in the world as can be seen in the program of the World Saxophone Congress and the North American Saxophone Alliance conference. The saxophone history in Japan includes contributions of Arata Sakaguchi, Ryo Noda, and Nobuya Sugawa. The success of many original compositions, especially those that incorporate the synthesis of Eastern and Western music, is another significant element that approaches music for classical saxophone as a new genre. Utilization of full range of sounds that can be produced by saxophone, blending oriental and western melody created the unique style with some technical challenges that attracts saxophonists and audiences.

Like everything made in Japan, the Japanese saxophones are recognized among the best instruments all over the world. In the middle of September Delivery World shipped batch of saxophones from Japan. Urgent shipment arrived to destination safely and in time. Solid experience and expertise of Delivery World in handling all types of cargos, perfectly set processes, and attention to every detail in shipping instruction allow us to meet even the tightest deadlines, and smoothly ship any goods to and from anywhere in the world.

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