Calls from Space: Satellite Phots from USA


Satellite phone is mobile phone transmitting data immediately through special communication satellite.

Based on communication provider, coverage area can include the whole Earth or separate regions due to low flying satellites sufficient number of which can cover the whole Earth, or satellites on permanent orbit that do not move towards the Earth and cannot cover it all.

Dimensions of satellite phone can be compared to common mobile phone of 1980-1990s, but have additional antenna. There are also static satellite phones. Such phones are used for communication in the areas not covered by mobile networks.

Satellite phones numbers usually have special country codes. For instance, Inmarsat system uses codes from +870 to +874, and Iridium from +8816 and +8817.

In the middle of June Delivery World shipped lot of satellite phones from the USA to Moscow. Expensive fragile cargo arrived to the n capital safely and in time, the customer independently completes customs processing of the cargo, and who knows, maybe soon you will receive a call from space made from the phone delivered by our company.

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