East Comes Closer: Delivery World on -GCC Forum


11 to 13 February Dubai hosted business forum -GCC*. The forum held for the second time within the n Week in United Arab Emirates already gained respect of the business program participants: heads of the local governmental authorities, largest Arab and Emirates enterprises and companies, n Ambassador to the UAE, representatives of the largest n commercial enterprises and heads of the n Chamber of Commerce. Deliver World's headquarters are located in Dubai and representatives of our company attended the event. The Forum was held with support of the Ministry of the Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Economic Development of the n Federation, Foreign Trade Ministry of the UAE and n Embassy to the UAE.

n investors met colleagues from GCC states and discussed established networks development. This event witnesses high potential of cooperation between and the UAE both in trade and investments with establishing entities in science, culture, technologies exchange, and renewable energy. The volume of the UAE investments is currently estimated as $ 18 bln. Abu-Dhabi made statement of investing another $5 bln n economy.

Development of the trade relations between the countries will positively effect logistics market as well. Airfreight represents one of the key parts of the firm partnership relations between and the UAE. For years Delivery World renders airfreight services from the Middle East, including Dubai, and CIS states.

Business Forum -GCC is a perfect step to establish and develop business relations with perspective customers. During the Forum and related expo we made acquaintances with new Middle East freight market players that expressed interest in our services, as Delivery World established itself as responsible provider of airfreight services from the Middle East and CIS. Delivery World is always aware of all the news of one of the most dynamic transportation market and is happy to assist its customers in establishing operations on new territories.

* Cooperation Council for the Arab States of the Gulf was established on 25 May 1981 in Riyadh (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia) by agreement between Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, KSA and UAE.

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