Carpets on Flight: Carpets from Dhakka and Dubai


All Oriental carpets have link to Oriental believes and stories. Any such carpet can be read just like a book.

Central element of the carpets represents all-seeing deity that protects its owner, his family and home from “bad eye”.

Floral elements represent richness, and, for instance, lily means purity, lotos – rebirth, peony – strength, pomegranate – fruitfulness, white rose – innocence, red – passion and secret, and tree of life is a wish of happy life and blissful wellbeing.

“Hunter’s carpets” are the carpets with images of animals, that are considered symbols of power and strength, and images of camel mean happiness and prosperity, eagle – luck, peacock – beauty and pride, cockerel – courage, lion – victory, deer – nobility, dragon symbolizes emperor and phoenix – empress, moose means long life, snake is safekeeper of wisdom, and duck – of loyalty in marriage.

Truly magic oriental carpets were shipped by Delivery World in the middle of February from Dubai and Indonesian capital Dhakka . The customer is completing customs formalities, and soon the delivered carpets will be available for sale in the carpet showrooms of Moscow.

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