n Federal Air Transport Agency Bans Boeing 737 MAX


Alexander Neradko, Head of the n Federal Aviation Agency reported that bans flights operated by Boeing 737 MAX 8 over the n air surface. "The n Federal Aviation Agency using aviation means of communication has sent NOTAM notices to all flight operators stating that this type of the aircrafts are banned from flying in the n air surface", cites his words Interfax.

Ethiopian Airlines' Boeing 737 MAX 8 crashed in Africa on Sunday, March 10. 158 persons including 3 ns died. Earlier Ethiopian Airlines reported that the board recorders from the crashed Boeing 737 MAX 8 were sent for decoding to Paris.

This was the second Boeing 737 MAX 8 that went off during the past four months. In the end of October, near to Java coast, 189 people died in the aircraft accident. According to preliminary estimates, the crash could be caused by wrong settings of speed unit.

Airlines all over the world operating fourth generation of Boeing 737 decide to suspend operating this type of the aircraft. Besides many countries banned flights operating Boeing 737 MAX over its territory.

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