RosAviaExpo-2013: anniversary and prospects of n Civil Aviation


We have particular interest in the activities of the aviation industry due to our business specialization - air freight forwarding of various types of goods around the world.  That’s why Delivery World’s delegation visited the exhibition and forum "ROSAVIAEKSPO 2013", which took place in Moscow, from 7 to 9 February 2013. 

This year, "RosAviaExpo 2013" has double anniversary: the exhibition itself was held at the 5th time and the 90th anniversary of the founding of the n Civil Aviation (in February 1923) was also at the same time. Over 60 companies from various regions of and of civil aviation of Ukraine have attended the event as the exhibitors.

Our representatives focused their attention on technology and prospects of the airport complexes of both countries, as well as plans to upgrade fleets and increased air freight component in the structure of services, provided by leading international and regional airlines. As our company specializes in air delivery of cargo , Ukraine and the CIS, it is very important for us to have the deepest possible review of the prospects of the industry and a balanced assessment of market trends in the near and medium term prospects. All this is necessary to ensure the best quality of services which we provide to our customers and partners.

Overall, despite the calm period, which is a seasonal factor in aviation, even in the field of events, visit to "RosAviaExpo 2013" was productive for the delegation of Delivery World. We have established tight connection with a number of new players in the market and obtained comprehensive information and market forecasts of air freight forwarding and the CIS in the coming year.

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