Amphibian in the Air: delivery of live reptiles from Peru , to breeding nursery


Air transportation of animals is a separate and hard process in the field of air delivery. It is much easier to delivery some dangerous goods than, for instance, a pair of pedigree horses, - believe us. To transport animals by air you need to provide many additional terms, much more than for ‘inanimate’ cargo: it is not only certain temperature environment, but also availability of air for breathing, special places for temporary living, feeding, handling and cleaning. After transporting of ‘animate’ cargo, the air craft is to have serious ground maintenance to exclude influence of humid environment which is produced by live creatures on accessory and construction of airplane. 

Nevertheless air delivery of animals is a high-demand service which has its undeniable advantage like speed. In June, our company delivered from Lima, a capital of far Latin American country Peru, live reptiles – lizards of different species – for breeding nursery of exotic animals. The transportation was performed according to all specifications including veterinary certification, isolation period and special packing. The amphibian were good air travelers and safely arrived to our customer.

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