Spring in Autumn: Radish Seeds from Frankfurt


Little radishes that many of us associate with first spring crops, despite absence of obvious similarities belong to the same family as big cauliflower, broccoli and cabbage. It is one of the most ancient vegetables that was found in Europe long before the Romans, and one of the first brought by Europeans to Americas.

From 1548 until the early 19th century, the most common kind of radish in Europe was the black-skinned Spanish radish that came both round and elongated.

Nowadays, skin colors can run from black and white to green via red, pink, purple and yellow. But each one of them is white inside – apart from the green watermelon radish whose flesh is pink.

There are hundreds of varieties. An ordinary seed catalog will probably offer at least twelve of the round or long sort. Explore further and you will come across the Asian kind.

In the end of August Delivery World shipped lot of radish seeds from Frankfurt. The urgent cargo requiring careful handling was promptly shipped by Delivery World and reached destination safely and in time. Who knows, maybe we brought some spring flavor to your home this fall?

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