Right Before Dacha Season Starts: Airfreight Delivery of Radish Seeds from Frankfurt to Krasnodar



Radish is the first vegetable which can be harvested already in April. In the middle of April fresh young radish is available in the shops and markets.

In old radish was planted by spittoons. The radish seeds were so small that it was nearly impossible to plant it by hand. Thus, the spittoons, kept seeds in the mouth and spit on in the ground. It has been long time, since industrial radish planting was atomized, and in your own ground you can get the necessary quantity of seeds from a bag, or plant it at home in advance.

It is the mustard oils contained in radish that make it taste bitter, and provide it with antiseptic properties. Radish can help to lose weight – it has low calories and is protein rich.

On request of our customer in the middle of March the leading freight forwarding company Delivery World performed airfreight delivery of the radish seeds from Frankfurt (Germany) to Krasnodar (). We were chosen for reliability and expertise that are proved with years of service on the international market. Soon, the delivered seeds will be available for sale across the region.

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