Light Cures!: Delivering Phototherapy Lamps for Newborn from Mexico



No doubt birth of a child is the greatest happiness, and, of course the parents try to protect the newborn from any illnesses. Still the cases when a 3-4 days old baby is diagnosed with jaundice. Yellowish eye whites, noticeable yellowish skin color, and bright yellow color of the babies discharges are the symptoms of this disease. Usually jaundice is physiological, and is cured with just few sessions of phototherapy.

It should be noted, that physiological jaundice of newborns is not a disease, but a condition sustained by the baby's body in adaptation period related to immaturity of ferment systems, and replacement of fetal hemoglobin with hemoglobin A accompanied with production of bilirubin in blood. Liver removes bilirubin in adult body, while the baby's liver is still undeveloped, and may fail on this duty. That’s what makes the skin and tissues have yellowish color.

Light and phototherapy are most effective ways of treatment that in fact are usage of infrared, visible, and ultra violet light. The baby is placed under special lamp, and its light turns bilirubin to the elements that are discharged by the body in natural way. The procedure can be made using luminescent phototherapy lamps, that have different exposure strength: white, white-blue, blue. Utilization of blue exposure allows to achieve the best results.

In hospital the treatment is performed under strict medical supervision. The baby is placed under one or several special lamps, and its eyes, and genitals are covered. The length of procedure is regulated by doctor to avoid burning, overheating, and dehydrating of the baby. Nevertheless, recently the devices allowing treating babies at home become more and more popular, as it allows the therapy to be made at any time at the parents' choice. It has to be said, that the effectiveness of the phototherapy can only be judged by the bilirubin levels in blood, not only by skin color. Therefore laboratory monitoring of bilirubin levels held 2-3 times a day remains important condition of this treatment. Once ferment systems of the baby start normal functioning, the skin color becomes light pink. Usually it happens by the age of 2 weeks, otherwise the jaundice is considered pathological, and other methods of treatment are applied.

In the middle of this month Delivery World performed airfreight delivery of the large lot of the newborn phototherapy lamps from Mexico, carefully monitoring safety of this fragile and important cargo. Even though Delivery World often undertakes shipments of precise medical equipment, execution of this request has still required utmost care and attention. Having studied peculiarities of this cargo, and perfected in delivery as always, we can surely tell the new generation "Get cured by light!"

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