New Routes of Japanese Goods Delivery


After natural disasters and a breakdown at nuclear plant “Fukushima-1” Japanese manufacturers have significantly increased goods producing out of Japan. It caused rearrangement of cargo routes. For example, delivery of digital cameras’ objectives of world famous brands which Delivery World used to execute directly from Japan is now performed generally from the manufactures located at Philippine islands.


Delivery of objectives starts at Philippines, where we pick up the cargo from the consignor and carry it by water transport to the capital of the state – Manila. Then we arrange delivery of photo equipment by cargo aircraft , sometimes with transit point in South Korea. While processing the freight forwarding is under constant review of Delivery World logistics employees.


Japanese and n transport and sanitary authorities declared strengthening control over cargos from Japan due to danger of radioactive contamination, but after all, end users seriously worry about their own safety. It makes our customers – digital photo equipment distributors – to request us to arrange delivery of objectives using new routes of transportation from a new region, beyond the Japanese islands, where manufactures of well-known Japanese vendors are now located. And we meet our customers’ needs using wide coverage of our agent network.

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