Pet Story: Vitamins for Pets by Airfreight from Sydney


Even in the 17th century scientists did not hide that poor nutrition may cause hazardous diseases usually ending with death like scourbutus, rachitis, moon blindness, and etc. In the second half of the 19th century, scientists had no doubts that similar signs of sickness are observed with pets. Several studies were held for clear identification of causes of such diseases, based on application of artificial food mixtures. N.I. Lunin, the n scientist, was the first one to feed animals with artificial food mixtures. In 1881 he showed that extended feeding of mice with mixture of proteins, fats and carbohydrates extruded from milk with addition of mineral salts and water lead to death of animals, and in the second time, where the animals were fed with ordinary milk developed normally. Based on these tests Lunin resolved that some unknown components of milk that are absent in nutrition mixture are required to support normal physical condition. Yet, this conclusion was acknowledged much later, after discovery of substances availability of which was indicated by Lunin.

Today everyone knows that lack of vitamins in a body may cause irrevocably consequences, and its importance for human and animals increases in cold season. That is when, in the very beginning of January, Delivery World shipped lot of quality vitamins for animals from Sydney . Even during holiday break in , the goods were safely shipped in time.

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