For Body and Soul: We Delivered 7 Tons of Perfume from Dubai to Helsinki



Perfumes the most common gifts on any occasion. If you do not know what to give as a present, you will most likely resort to perfume.

It is known that anything used to add fragrance to anything is called perfume, and is made from the mix of main aromatic component and dissolvent. Usually natural aroma oils or synthetic aromas (vanillin, and etc.) are used as main components, and the dissolvent – is alcohol solution, di-propylene glycol, and some other essences. Perfumes differ by quantity of aromatic essence, the more essence is in content, brighter and stronger fragrance will be. For instance, the perfume extrait contents 20-30% of aroma essense, and its fragrance lasts up to 6 hours, eau de perfume 15-25%, and its fragrance lasts for 5 hours, eau de toilette 10-20%, and not more than 10% in eau de cologne. Perfumes and toiletries include all types of items used for human fragrance and hygiene purposes: mouth, hair, facial, hand, body skin care and protection.

The word "perfume" (Latin "per"- "over" and "fumum" – "smoke") shows that the first aromas were usually made for aromatic purposes in temples during religious ceremonies. The first perfumers were priests of Ancient Egyptas they knew real secrets for preparing aromatic mixtures. Ancient Egyptians turned perfume creation to part of their culture. They used frankincense for smoking premises,and honey and cinnamon as body aromas. During Cleopatra ruling perfumes attraction reached its top. Cleopatra put perfumes on her ship cloths to make her arrival known. In that time the price of the perfumes was so high, that they were gifted only to monarchs. In addition to odours, there were perfumes for bed, and "clothes perfumes" that were hidden inside the cloth folds.

With times the perfume preparation secrets became known to other peoples of Ancient World that also made considerable contribution to its development. Today France is one of the main perfume and cosmetics manufacturers, and most of the enterprises are located in Paris area. The perfumes and cosmetics production is developed in the US as well, yet it still imports best perfumes, and most of the aroma oils from France.

In the beginning of this month, just before the International Women's Day, Delivery World shipped large lot of perfume. We have brought 7 tons of perfume from Dubai to Helsinki. The variety of bottles are already sparkling in the shops, and the air of the shopping centers is filled with various fragrances. It is the right time to add spring mood to the look with new perfume.

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