New Look on the World. Ophthalmic Equipment from Tokyo by Airfreight


Due to wide development of information technologies, increase of time spent by people in front of computer and TV screens, the importance of eye health care gets of utmost importance. For us the sight is the most important source to receive information on surrounding world. Not without a reason it is said that it is better to see once, then to hear hundred times. We strongly rely on our eyes, and therefore falling sight may decrease our assurance, significantly lower comfort zones, and create serious threats for our health and safety.

World Health Organization statistics says that every third person has sight problems, thus in 80% of cases the sickness can be prevented, and even fully corrected. One of the leaders on the market of specialized sight correcting equipment is Japanese companies.

Last year Delivery World the leader in international airfreight carriages on the n market entered into forwarding contracts for ophthalmic equipment from Tokyo (Japan). Our company has been chosen as it is reliable and reputable airfreight forwarder for specialized medical equipment, spare parts and components to it.

Mid of January we performed first airfreight shipments from Tokyo , in accordance with the contract terms and conditions, we delivered the advanced ophthalmic equipment. According to our customer the delivered equipment will be distributed clinics. Soon the eye clinics patients will be able to see all colors and details of the world, thanks to the latest Japanese technologies.

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