A Sound Mind in a Sound Body: Nutritional Supplements by International Airfreight


While most ns enjoyed May holidays, Delivery World’s professionals have been working really hard. In the beginning of May our company delivered large lot (over 300 kg) of the nutritional supplements from Toronto (Canada) . The customer is the large distributor of nutritional supplements in .

Nutritional supplements (if properly consumed in right dosage) are aimed to enrich the human body with micro elements and other nutritive elements. Even though nutritional supplements are not considered medicines, they have been clinically tested, passed necessary certification, and received recommendations of the Ministry of Health of the n Federation.

The international airfreight of these nutritional supplements as always complied with all temperature requirements for transportation of such cargoes, and complied with deadlines set by the customer. As far as we know, the delivered supplements will be distributed to medical centers of Moscow.

This was the first time for the customer to use the services of Delivery World. The customer expressed his satisfaction, and the new lots of the goods will be delivered by airfreight in the future.

For over 10 years Delivery World performs international airfreight of different goods and CIS. Our customers include suppliers and distributors of various goods in the ; all of them chose airfreight as the best way to deliver the goods, and Delivery World as reliable forwarder that undertakes all airfreight related concerns.

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